Hello and Welcome CREATIVES!

I'm Alexandra

Hey there! It’s so nice to connect with you. Feel free to call me Lexi – after all, we’re friends now!

I’ve always been driven by a deep passion for unleashing creativity and helping others realize their potential. It’s something I’ve felt in my bones since I was a kid – this burning desire to use my design skills to sprinkle a bit of spice into the world.

Over the years, I’ve been able to collaborate with a whole spectrum of incredible people and organizations, from scrappy startups to seasoned community leaders. And you know what? Every single project has been a unique adventure, a chance to dive headfirst into someone’s vision and help them turn it into reality.

Through my work, I aim to be more than just a designer – I want to be a spark, igniting the fire of possibility in others. Whether you’re a small business owner chasing a dream or a community leader with big ideas, I’m here to be your partner in creativity, helping you paint your vision on the canvas of the world.

xoxo, Lexi

Behind the Scenes


I was born and raised in the land of 10,000 lakes—Minnesota—I’ve always had a travel bug that took me on an unforgettable adventure to study abroad in Lyon, France. That stint made me fluent in French, Croissants and culture.

When I’m not knee-deep in Adobe and posts, you can find me fueling up on coffee, soaking up the beach vibes with friends and family, or playing on my cello. I have a quirky preference for rainy days over sunny ones—there’s something about the sound of raindrops that gets my creative juices flowing.

My design recipe? Mix a dash of wanderlust, a splash of caffeine, and a sprinkle of TLC, and you’ve got a recipe for standout branding. Ready to create something brilliant together? Let’s chat!

You Deserve the Best so here is

My PRomise to You...

I am passionate about empowering you to showcase your brand to the world. I specialize in creating online experiences that not only capture your brand’s values, vision, and mission but also engages your audience. You ready to get started? Let’s chat!